Cory Jackson

Cory Jackson, B.Sc., J.D.
Investment Counsellor

Along with the experienced team of professionals at Perron & Partners, Cory works with individuals, families, businesses and foundations who wish to preserve and grow their wealth in an effective, efficient fashion. Cory joined Perron & Partners in 2016, after becoming convinced that the firm offers enviable independence and completely objective, best-in-class wealth management solutions.

Cory is a native Albertan, holds a B.Sc. and a J.D. (Law degree) from the University of Calgary, and has extensive additional education in investment strategies and capital markets. Cory came to the wealth management field after a successful business career in the legal and recruitment industries. As such, he understands the value of building long-lasting relationships, providing outstanding client service and showing unwavering commitment to achieving results. Prior to joining Perron & Partners, Cory built a retail practice at a Calgary-based investment firm, and he is excited to participate in promoting PPWM’s unique platform to select clients.

Outside the office, Cory enjoys various sports and outdoor activities, and is a passionate motorcyclist.

Tel. (403) 705-1237
"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to reach my destination." Jimmy Dean

The Unique Opportunities of Working with Perron & Partners

  • Get advice that's highly customized from a firm that's truly independent.
  • Strengthen your bottom line with both tax and cost control strategies.
  • Invest without limits on selection, research or personalization.
  • Benefit from multiple sources of idea generation.
  • Find your way through life's challenges with simplified guidance.
  • Stay sheltered from unnecessary risk with our approach to risk-adjusted returns.
  • Call our office and get an answer - every time.
  • Gain long-term stability for you and your family.
  • Look to 100+ years worth of investment insight.
  • Learn more through our conference calls, resources and newsletters.